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Iberia-Resin markets its resins in different international markets. Our main products are the C9 petroleum resin, C5 petroleum resin and C5 / C9 copolymerization. We are suppliers of the most demanding manufacturers in different markets, such as adhesives, paints, printing inks and tires.

Quality standards


Highest Quality

All our resins comply with the highest quality standards such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 and are certified in them.



The research and development by our manufacturer and the tests in internal and external laboratories are continuous, with the aim that the quality is appropriate in all cases.


Innovative Solutions

For Iberia-Resin, it is important that its customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our products and services, since in this way we ensure lasting relationships between our company and our customers.

What do we do


Iberia-Resin is a supplier of hydrocarbon resin for different markets. Our goal is to join efforts both product and logistics and financial services. We are able to position the best raw materials from their origin to the production chain of our customers, in the fastest and most competitive way within our sector.

We take care of the processes

We are present throughout the supply process to place the merchandise in the port of destination closest to the factory of our customers.

Price quality

Our price-quality ratio is the most competitive in the market and we place the goods in the shortest possible time and with the most adjusted cost.

We enjoy the trust of our customers in Europe and Latin America, due to the quality of our resins and the service we offer.


Iberia-Resin is a specialized supplier of hydrocarbon resin. In our catalog we include the following product lines: resin C5, resin C9 and resin C5 & C9 resin copolymer.

Iberia-Resin insists on the constant quality of both its products and its professional services, since these are essential factors for the long-term commercial relationship with its customers. The products offered by Iberia-Resin are subjected to continuous tests of application in the market of paints, adhesives, inks and rubbers.

With our specialized experience in hydrocarbon resin, Iberia-Resin has a good reputation in the markets where it operates, including markets in Europe and South America.

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